Are you kidding me?

I just found this on the Police Daily Activity log for my city….
“Officer responded to burglary report.  Marijuana plants stolen from subjects lawn.”

There’s a video going around Facebook right now about “Donna the Deer Lady” <~~that’s a link to the original radio station blog post. Basically this woman calls in saying they we need to move the Deer Crossing signs to a safer area for the deer to cross. She’s pretty sure we are “encouraging” the deer by having the signs there and they should be moved to safer locations…like school zone crossings. There’s a follow-up call in which she tries to explain herself. But seriously??? When my oldest was about 4 she would see those signs and say “Look Mommy, a deer crossed there!” So yeah…except she was 4 YEARS OLD!!!

On a serious note, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone being affected by Hurricane Sandy!