So mad I could scream!

I’m trying to be thankful here.

I have a warm place to lay my head.

My girls are safe and mostly healthy.

I have a job that I love.

I got to witness a wedding today.

blah blah blah

Today, I’m just mad.

Without getting specific about the current situation I’m just going to rant a little. I’m apologizing in advance.

I’m sorry you didn’t want to do YOUR job. Apparently the fact that you actually have to WORK is a little much for you. It’s ok. I get it. Things happen and sometimes doing your job isn’t fun. I’m sure it’s not fun at all when you get called on it for being to lazy to actually DO your job and it costs your company money that could have been avoided with a simple phone call. How unfortunate for you that you got woke up early this morning by an irate person. Oh yeah, that irate person was ME. How sad for you that you got called on the carpet when you said “Well, I can’t do that” when in fact “that” is exactly what your job is all about.

I expect I will be known in your memory as the thorn in your side that almost (and potentially will) cost you your job. You know what? I truly hope your don’t lose your source of income over this but I hope that you learned something here. And no, I wasn’t kidding when I told you where I work. Your mistake could have cost me MY job!

::end rant::

My birthday is in a few weeks. I’m so done with 40.

A new reality

I haven’t posted much recently because everything I’ve written is sad and depressing and that’s so not what I wanted to do with this blog. Unfortunately that’s just the way my mind is working right now.

I want to be funny but find myself struggling not to cry most days. And that’s not funny.

I’m still adjusting to this new reality. You know, the one where my mom died and Beauty is in another state? Yeah, that’s been a lot of fun. NOT! I can’t help it. I miss my mom and I miss my girl. We talk on the phone almost every day which helps but it’s not the same. We have gotten to Skype a few times and that’s a little better but still not the same. I can’t touch her and give her a hug.

MiniMe and I will be going on a long weekend trip to see Beauty in a week and a half. I’m so very excited!!! We haven’t seen her since August when we went on our epic adventure and it’s been a looooooooooong 3 months. MiniMe misses her sissy a lot and can’t wait to see her. She’s not the only one! I’m also happy because I’ll get to see my sister who I haven’t seen since mom’s funeral.

With the holidays fast approaching we will have a whole season of firsts. I have Valium for the worst rough spots but I think I’ll be okay because I have the love and support of my family.

Oh yeah, and I’ve decided after almost 25 years to quit smoking! Please pray for MiniMe and I as we try not to kill each other during this time.