Loopie Moms!

Back in the dark ages, like before wi-fi, there weren’t a lot of options for internet. I had an awesome boss that actually helped get me online. I worked at a local hotel and we had one computer at the front desk that we could use to access the internet, with dial-up. Remember that? It was sad really. Anyway, one of my co-workers set me up under his AOL account and I was off and running. Those slow evenings at work consisted of sitting at the front desk and going into AOL chatrooms with my boss on her computer from home. Talk about a fun boss! I met some really fun people that way, some of whom I am still in contact with today. Chatrooms wasn’t the only thing I did tho. I was a young single mom with a preschooler. I found a couple of websites for moms and signed up for them. One day I received a random email from a random person asking if I wanted to be part of a mom’s email “loop”. I had no clue what that ment but figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Honestly, that was the best “what the heck” moment I’ve ever had! That was 1998.

I started getting emails from young moms all over the place. It was awesome! At one time there were 25-30 of us spread all over the U.S. These ladies helped me through so much. They helped me through the final split with Beauty’s father. They encouraged me when I started a new relationship and let me vent when it ended badly. These moms whom I had never met in person actually helped me name MiniMe. When I had the ultrasound and found out I was having another girl I came home and emailed everyone that I needed ideas because I already had my girl and had nothin’. Not even joking when I say they named her. They totally did!!! Another of the mom’s got pregnant with twins the same year. Her girls recently turned 13! I remember calling her right after they were born and congratulating her. That was the first time I’d ever heard Kay’s voice.

A few years ago we got word that one of us had taken her own life. That hit all of us really hard. I know for me, I will always wonder if there was something more we could have done to support her. I was going through some old papers a few months ago and found a couple of poems she had written. It makes me sad to think that she’s not here anymore. I hope her girls are doing ok.

Over the years many moms have come and gone (we even had a dad at one point!). Each one of us has had more children and all except me have been married and some have since divorced. A few years ago I had an opportunity to finally meet 3 of my “Loopie Moms” in person. The original Loopie, Erica, was graduating from college and invited a couple of us to fly to Texas to attend her graduation. I got to hang out with Chelle and Erica the entire weekend and Kay met up with us a couple of times and we got to spend some time with her too. It was Mother’s Day weekend. It was AWESOME!

I honestly can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I had not responded to that first email. These ladies have helped me through so much and likely saved both of my children’s lives more than once. In the last few years we have been able to stay in contact through Facebook more so the whole email thing has mostly gone away. That kind of makes me sad because although I get to follow them a little closer it just isn’t the same as getting that more personal connection we used to have. Maybe some day I’ll get to meet Stacie and Andie but at least I know that we can still stay in touch through Facebook. Hopefully soon I will be making another trip to Texas to see my BFF Loopie Erica and help her plan her happily ever after.

Mostly, I’m really really glad I have my loopie mom friends and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them.

Live you guys!!!

10 comments on “Loopie Moms!

  1. I’m in tears, can’t type much right now. Love us Jodee! My twins Will be 13 in June also, Phillip will be EIGHTEEN in July. Ya all have been my lifeline more than once. I wish I lived near you guys or wasn’t dirt poor so I could meet and participate. As for Kellee..My heart still Brea k s, she was HERE in Michigan with me, I knew her struggle but couldn’t save her!! It fu!&_) pisses me off! I want her back!! Love u jodee

    • Love you too Stacie! You’re a good mom and your kids are lucky to have you! I can’t even believe Phillip is going to be 18!!! And I totally forgot that You, Kay and I just kind of stair-stepped the girls!

      • oh i know thats for sure.. we had them all real close together 🙂
        and as for phillip turning 18, did you see hte pic on my fb yesterday of me and him together.. hes about 4 inches taller than me and all grown up 🙂

  2. That sounds really cool. I could have used that when I stayed home when my kids were little. I felt so isolated. I often think about how much better it could have been if I’d had a community like wordpress around to talk to and stuff.

    • It was a great way to connect with other moms! I didn’t have a very big circle of single moms when we first started so it was a great place to share advice and get some help with some of those struggles that nobody around me really understood. I love these ladies like family and am so lucky to have them. I’m still finding my way around wordpress but am loving your blog! Your recap of books that must not be named just about killed me!

  3. I live you Jodee! Abe would be proud its not brojem… 😉

    That Loop was the best thing I ever did on accident<3<3

    I cant't believe its been almost *15* years since all that started. My favorite Loopie moment was getting cash in a Christmas card from Stacie. I know we all struggled hard core back then… and it was such a selfless act that Ive never forgotten it, Stacie. I think about you A LOT and you'll never understand what an impact that had on me then. I'm so fortunate to have shared such long friendships with such amazing women!! See you soon, Jo!!

    • Awww Erica I had forgotten alll about that!! I know it wasn’t much, cuz i was poor as hell myself..but you needed it 🙂 I love ya girl and miss you! I guess you don’t face book, but you can feel free to text me anytime at 517 703 7505 would love to talk. My adopted daughter Sam lives in Canyon Lake Texas, near San Antonio if any of you are close to her, she could certainly use friends and “mama” guidance down there!! KAy and Erica, how close are you to there?? I need someone to “mama” my girl while she down there.. she met a guy on internet and moved down there…scary times for me!! In any event, Erica I miss you!! TEXT ME

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