My cell phone is my link to the outside world. I would be lost without it. I know that sounds silly to some but it’s the truth. I use it to stay in touch with my sister who lives in another state. I use it for my internet about 70% of the time. I use it to text when I can’t make a call. It’s my camera, my phone book, my eReader, my calender and my alarm clock. I use it to communicate with doctors and the care facility where my parents live. Without it I would be lost. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a landline phone.

We have become so dependant on technology. I remember when Beauty was 2 and a friend came over carrying a briefcase. We thought that was weird because he was totally not the briefcase type. It was actually his “cell phone” and the battery was so big it had its own luggage. At the time we all thought he was weird because we used CB radios to contact people we couldn’t reach on the phone. I realize I totally just dated myself but it really wasn’t as long ago as you think. Less than 20 years ago actually. I remember my brother had one of the first truly “mobile” phones. It was the size of a brick!

Try fitting that in your pocket!

Try fitting that in your pocket!


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