2012 In Review

This has been another of those years that I’m not sad to see go. A lot has happened in our little corner of the world, both good and bad. As midnight fast approaches, I’m taking a minute to reflect and let go of the bad, embrace the good and prepare for what’s coming next.

January brought an extended vacation for MiniMe due to snow and ice-covered roads. While I love my children, I am incredibly thankful for the teachers that work so hard to help them learn the things that will help them become the amazing adults they will become. That and the 6 hours of peace I get Monday through Friday!

February brought chocolates and flowers and tears and heartache. I lost my job and things were tight for a little while but we pulled through and made it.

March brought a new job through a temp agency in a field I had never considered. It brought an opportunity to learn a whole new field while still using some of the things I actually learned in college. It also ment a Monday-Friday job with reasonable hours!

April was a time for a lot of reflection over the relationships we had thought were good and true but weren’t all that they seemed.

May and June brought the end of some relationships and the difficult steps of trying to rebuild and move forward. June brought the start of our 12th year of Horse Camp and guaranteed a summer of strengthening families and making new friendships.

July ment packing up and moving out of our home because of someone elses irresponsibility. It brought fear of the unknown and less than bright prospects for the future.

August brought devastation that almost took the life of someone I love more than my own life. It brought fear and anger and lots of questions with no answers. It made me realize what an amazing family I have and how much they have been there for us. It brought a chance to return to a job doing something I loved at a place I respected. It also ment working 2 part-time jobs, working 50 hours/6 days a week.

In September things started to turn around for us. I was offered a permanent position rather than continuing to be a temp. I was given more responsibilities and more opportunities to learn and grow.

October found us moving my mom into a nursing home with my step-dad. A hard step but a necessary one.

November brought word of a new home and our return to the town that I love.

December 1st brought us into our new home. It brought the end of my working relationship at that second job. I wish them success, but I won’t go back a third time. It brought a quiet Christmas at home with the girls and dinner at our new place.

Tonight will likely be a quiet evening spent watching movies and eating the last of the Brandy Beans.

Happy New Year everyone!


2 comments on “2012 In Review

  1. I live you and this entry especially. I am glad this year is already looking up and that the summer trip we are going to make will be quite memorable<3<3

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