Please return to your seats. We’re about to land!

I have finally been approved for the new place to live! Yeah, it’s a small 2 bedroom apartment but it’s about to be mine!!! Due to a series of unfortunate events, my rental history is less than stellar. This place is willing to take a chance on me and I so appreciate it! MiniMe and I have been living with family for the last few months for which I am eternally grateful. Beauty came to stay with us last week and may or may not be moving with us. She is almost 19 and has so much going on in her live that it’s hard to watch sometimes. Her mind changes daily, sometimes even hourly about just about everything! MiniMe is very excited to have her own room again and even more excited to have her bed. I am just excited to have my “stuff”. As much as I appreciate my family letting us stay there, it’s just not the same as having your own stuff, ya know? Moving should be interesting however. I’m currently using crutches because on Saturday when I was at work a table top fell over on my foot. It’s not broken but it’s bruised and still pretty sore. It’s all good tho. A couple of Beauty’s friends recruited themselves to help us move. Teenage boys are great for that! I have been mentally going through my storage unit figuring out what I’m going to be getting rid of. Our last place was a 4 bdrm/2 bath with a storage shed off the patio and lots of closets for storage. This is a 2 bdrm/1 bath with less  closets and a little storage closet off the deck. My Ethan Allen coffee table that my mom gave me will probably have to go. The livingroom is about half the size of my old place so figuring out a way to make everything fit will take some creativity. I have found some cool ideas on Pinterest that I think will help with the storage issue in the small bathroom. I also picked up a couple of small 3-drawer cabinets that I’m going to make into something cool.

So many things floating in my head right now I’m pretty sure this whole post seems disjointed and odd. But, that’s just how my mind works sometimes!


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