My sister

Today is my sister’s birthday. The same sister I posted about with the “Walnuts in my crotch” thing. This is the sister that basically raised me. I am the youngest of 5 children. There are 12 years between myself and the next to the youngest so it’s like I’m a whole different generation. My sister is the middle child and was 14 when I was born. My parents owned a restaurant at the time and weren’t home much. A lot of the responsibility for me fell on my sister. When I was about 6 my sister moved out and lived in the neighboring town 17 miles away. She taught me her phone number (3-3-“Oh, what’s that other number”-4) so I could always call her when I needed her. I don’t remember there ever being a time that I called her and she didn’t answer. Realistically, I’m sure she wasn’t sitting by the phone just waiting for me to call her but that’s my childhood memory at work. I remember when our parents went on vacation and I got to go spend 2 weeks with her. I remember when I was little she used to make all of my birthday cakes. She’s an awesome artist! I remember when I was 13 I spent the summer taking care of her and my nephew as she was pregnant with my niece and having contractions for 4 months so she was on complete bed-rest. I remember when she travelled 400 miles to see me graduate from college. I talk to her almost every day. Even tho she lives far-ish away from me I still know that if it came right down to it and I needed her, she would be here no matter what. I would do the same for her.

So with that, I love you Hope! May you have the best birthday ever!

Love, your baby sister


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