Scary! Boo!

So the other day I was reading the Cakewrecks site and there was a post with different Halloween themed cakes. Holy Hannah I love that site! Jen, John and all the rest are hilariously funny! The comments have made me spit coffee more then once!

Anyway, one of the cakes featured in that post has a spider web thing and above that it says “Scary Boo”! So last night I took MiniMe to the nursing home where my parents are living now and she got to trick-or-treat there. It was great! The weather here was pretty ugly so I wasn’t looking forward to walking around in it. She ended up with a whole bucket of candy and we didn’t get wet or cold at all and we got to brighten the day of some of the residents that don’t get many visitors. It was awesome.

The best part for me was that I followed her around saying “Happy Scary Boo Day!”




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