Just like a grilled cheese sandwich, only different!

Ok, so you have to know there’s a story behind the grilled cheese thing.

A lot of years ago, when I was pregnant with my youngest child, my friend Kim and I went on vacation together. No, not somewhere tropical (I wish!). We went to visit my family in a neighboring state. We were on our way home and were only like a mile into our trip. Out of nowhere she looks at me and says “Yep! Just like a grilled cheese sandwich, only different!” Ummm… WHAT? You see, we weren’t talking about sandwiches, or cheese, or even food! She has insisted for the last 13 years that it totally made sense with the subject matter. I don’t believe her. So now, whenever something doesn’t make any sense, I just say “Yep, just like a grilled cheese sandwich, only different!” and people look at me like I’m crazy.

Yeah, pretty much!

Let’s get this party started!

So I’ve decided to try this whole blog thing again. I’m starting fresh in the hopes that it will keep me focused. Pfft… yeah right! Well, it’s worth a shot anyway.

I have a different job now. I’m working in a field I never ever ever thought I would be a part of. It’s very interesting. That being said, I also have quite a bit of down-time. In that said down-time, I surf the internet looking for interesting blogs to read. I read through the entire Pioneer Woman Confessions archives and some of her other pages too. From her page I followed a link to daddyscratches and am most of the way through his archives. He hasn’t blogged much recently because life has gotten in the way but I’m having a lot of fun reading through his archives. That guy is funny! I’ve also been getting my daily laughs from the crew over at CakeWrecks. Holy Hannah! If you need a chuckle check out that page. And don’t forget to read the comments! Sharyn is the reigning queen of wrecky song lyrics and she’s simply amazing! Just make sure you put your drink down before you go there because if you don’t, you may need a new keyboard! The ones with coffee/juice spewed on them don’t work so well. Trust me on this…

All of that being said, I’m getting lots of ideas for writing and have lots of ideas of how I want this blog to work.

We’ll see how it goes.