What weekend?

So I heard a rumor that there was a weekend recently. And since apparently today is Monday, I guess it’s true. I think I missed it. Oh wait! I know, I DID miss it! That’s because I work 6 days a week to try to get out of this mountain of debt I seem to be buried under. I did get to sleep in a little at least. Now that Miss Thing is older you would think she could get herself off to school. In the case of this particular child, you’d be wrong. You see, I set MY alarm in the morning and make sure she’s up and getting ready for school. I crawl out of MY bed and grab a jacket and a cup of coffee and walk out to the bus stop with her. All before 7am! The last couple of weeks it actually worked out for me because I had to be up getting ready for work that early anyway so it wasn’t to big of a deal. However, I’m back to my “regular” schedule now. Which means I don’t have to be at work until 9. Which means when the alarm goes off at o’dark-fifteen, I want to cry. But because I want to make sure that the teachers at her school are blessed with her presence every day, I crawl out of my nice warm bed, heat up a cup of yesterday’s coffee, and stumble my way to the bus stop hoping I don’t faceplant on my way back to the house. She actually loves that we get to spend a few minutes together every morning. That’s why I do it. What she doesn’t know is that while she is happily visiting with her friends on the bus, mommy is crawling back in bed for a few more minutes.

By modeejae Posted in kids

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